Cryptocurrency miners come together to establish the Digital Energy Council.

A coalition of cryptocurrency miners has united to establish the Digital Energy Council (CED), a fresh initiative aimed at influencing cryptocurrency regulatory policies and energy usage within the United States. The CED’s primary focus is to champion policies that endorse responsible and sustainable energy advancement, enhance the resilience of the national power grid, ensure the nation’s security, and uphold the competitive edge of the United States.

The formation of the CED is a direct response to the challenges confronted by cryptocurrency miners. These challenges include the proposed 30% tax on mining activities put forth by the Biden administration and concerns expressed by Democratic legislators concerning the environmental impact. Through the establishment of the CED, miners aspire to actively engage in regulatory deliberations at both the federal and legislative levels.

Tom Mapes, the CED’s founder and president, underscores the significance of fostering collaboration between the energy and digital asset mining domains. Drawing from his experience at the US Department of Energy’s Office of International Affairs and his involvement in energy policy with the Digital Chamber of Commerce, Mapes accentuates the importance of granting both sectors authentic representation during federal discussions.

In its initial phase, the CED, headquartered in Washington, DC, will operate with Tom Mapes as its sole member. The organization’s primary objective is to demonstrate how digital asset mining can contribute to the attainment of US energy objectives. As the singular entity exclusively dedicated to addressing the crossroads of mining and energy in Washington, DC, the CED aspires to exert a significant influence on the trajectory of cryptocurrency regulations and energy consumption within the United States.

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