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Adani Power Share Price Ranged between high and low prices over the past 52 weeks ₹120.50 – ₹432.50 and Market Cap is 788.36B INR

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Adani Power Share Price Today-

Adani Power Share Price History –

Adani Power Limited is a power generation company headquartered in India. It was founded in 1996 and went public in 2009, with an initial public offering (IPO) that raised over 3,000 crore rupees (approximately $450 million USD).

The Adani Power Share Price has experienced significant fluctuations since its IPO. In the years following the IPO, the share price rose steadily, reaching a peak of around 113 rupees in 2010. However, the company faced financial difficulties in subsequent years, with rising fuel costs and regulatory issues contributing to a decline in profitability.

As a result, The Adani Power Share Price fell sharply in 2011 and continued to decline in the following years, hitting a low of around 20 rupees in 2015. In 2016, the company implemented a turnaround strategy, focusing on cost-cutting and improving operational efficiency. This strategy helped to improve the company’s financial performance and stabilize its share price.

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In recent years, the Adani Power Share Price has experienced significant volatility, driven in part by changes in government policies and market conditions. In 2020, the share price surged to record highs, driven in part by expectations of increased demand for electricity in India and the company’s plans to expand its renewable energy portfolio.

Overall, the history of Adani Power share price reflects the challenges and opportunities facing the power generation industry in India, as well as the company’s efforts to adapt to changing market conditions and regulatory environments.

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About Adani Power –

Adani Power Limited is a part of the Adani Group, one of India’s largest business conglomerates. Adani Power is a power generation company that specializes in the development, operation, and maintenance of power projects. The company’s primary business is the generation and supply of electricity.

Here are some key details about Adani Power:

  • Founded: 1996
  • Headquarters: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • CEO: Anil Sardana
  • Power plants: Adani Power operates nine power plants across India with a total installed capacity of 12,450 MW. These plants include both thermal and solar power facilities.
  • Thermal power plants: Adani Power’s thermal power plants are located in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh. They use coal, gas, and fuel oil as primary fuels.
  • Solar power plants: Adani Power’s solar power plants are located in Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and Rajasthan. The company is also involved in the development of large-scale solar parks in Rajasthan and Gujarat.
  • Transmission network: Adani Power has a transmission network of more than 11,000 circuit km, which includes both extra high voltage (EHV) and high voltage (HV) transmission lines.
  • Customers: Adani Power supplies electricity to various state electricity boards, industries, and commercial customers across India.
  • Market capitalization: As of March 2023, Adani Power has a market capitalization of around INR 46,000 crore (approximately USD 6.1 billion).

Overall, Adani Power is a major player in the Indian power sector, with a diverse portfolio of power generation assets and a growing presence in the renewable energy space.

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Adani Power Future Projects –

Adani Power is a subsidiary of the Adani Group, one of the largest conglomerates in India. The company is involved in the generation and distribution of thermal and renewable energy and has several future projects in the pipeline.

Here are some of Adani Power’s future projects:

  1. Ultra Mega Solar Park: Adani Power is planning to set up a 2,000 MW ultra-mega solar park in Rajasthan, India. The project is expected to generate clean energy and help reduce carbon emissions.
  2. Wind Power: Adani Power plans to set up several wind power projects across India, with a total capacity of around 2,500 MW. These projects will help the company meet its renewable energy targets.
  3. Thermal Power Plants: Adani Power is also planning to set up several new thermal power plants across India, with a total capacity of around 8,000 MW. These plants will help meet the growing demand for electricity in the country.
  4. Transmission Projects: In addition to power generation, Adani Power is also planning to invest in transmission projects to strengthen the power infrastructure in India. The company plans to set up several transmission lines and substations across the country.
  5. Electric Vehicles: Adani Power is also exploring opportunities in the electric vehicle (EV) space. The company plans to set up EV charging stations across India to support the growing adoption of EVs in the country.

Overall, Adani Power’s future projects reflect the company’s commitment to renewable energy and sustainable development. By investing in a mix of renewable and thermal energy, transmission projects, and EV infrastructure, the company aims to contribute to India’s energy security and economic growth.

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